Where to buy waterproof packing cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to organize your luggage so that valuable space is free up. A lot of people wonder whether packing cubes really save space and the answer is a definite yes. Many a times, proper storage and compartmentalization can make better use of existing limited space.

Beside helping you to organize your luggage, some waterproof packing cubes can also keep your stuff dry in case of spillage or any other water related emergencies. However these waterproof packing bags are not easy to find. Here are links that can take you to buy them in the various ecommerce stores.

#1: Athalon waterproof packing cubes

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This athalon packing cubes comes in waterproof mesh that will help to keep your belongings dry. In this packing cubes set, there are 4 cubes. 2 big ones that measure 15*12*3.5 and 2 smaller ones that measure 9.5*8*2.5. This set should cover most of your storage needs in terms of storing your clothing, toiletries and undergarments.

Although the reviewer on Amazon gave it a three star, the fault that was pointed was the space that these storage cubes took up. The reviewer, apparanetly was looking for compressible packing cubes, rather than the normal storage cubes that cannot be minimized. Hence, there is really nothing wrong with this waterproof packing cubes.


#2: Waterproof vacuum bags

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This product is not a packing cube but performs a similar function. They are space saving vacuum bags that not only can keep your clothes waterproof but can be sealed to be compressible.  What you need to do is to place the items into the bags and then use the vacuum to suck the air out and make them airtight. This procedure might requires a few tries but once you got it, it is easy to perform.

The only bad thing about these vacuum bags is that once you open the valve, you will not be able to seal them back unless you have your vacuum with you. Nevertheless, they are waterproof and they can reduce the space required in your luggage.