Pickpocket proof pants – Time to make traveling a bit safer

Pickpocket proof pants? About time! As a frequent traveler, I have lost count of the number of times that I had to exercise extra caution in certain countries. Not to mention the extra caution accessories that I had to wear such as hanging a money pouch within my tshirt. That is not too bad except when I am sweating like a cow and the money pouch gets really wet. Yuck!

Hence, it is with great interest that I got to know this new travel gear that protects travelers from theft. The unique feature of these pickpocket proof trousers is their hidden pockets which can be used to hide cash or other valuables such as passports.

Beside pickpocket proof pants, I also learn about pickpocket proof underwear. These undergarment also contains hidden pockets, although I imagine it will be quite awkward to retrieve anything in public.


What are pickpocket proof pants

Essentially, they are normal pants which have the following characteristics:

  • Flaps over zips. This provides a double layer of protection to anyone who wants to steal your stuff.
  • Fabrics are double thick and have tight treads. This is to prevent the pockets from being cut by the pickpockets.
  • Front pockets for handphones. Stealing from your front is much more difficult.
  • Wrinkle proof to make traveling a bit more convenient.

So, here are a list of some of the best pickpocket pants that are in the market today:


Best pickpocket proof pants


pickpocket proof pants
Magelian has a range of slash resistant pickpocket proof pants. These come with additional flaps and a double secured zipper.

They specialise in picketpocket proof pants and other clothing. Their prices typically range from 25 to 35 dollars.

Covered in MSNBC, this sites sell both pickpocketproof pants and shorts. They have a wider range of styles as compared to clevertravelcompanion.com.

Orvis is a general clothing store but they do sell travel pants for men, which essentially are pickpocket proof pants. These pants have flaps over the zips to make them more secure.

It is an online store that focuses on selling travel gear. Their men’s section have some pickpocket proof pants that have concealed pockets. Their fabric however is not knife proof.