Packing list for girls

Here is a long packing list for girls who intend to travel to a hotter climate. I got this list from my girlfriend went we were on a vacation to spain during the summer days. I have put in a little text below each item to tell you why my girlfriend thinks bringing that item is important. Do notes that these are her words, not mine! How would I know? I am a guy!

Check off list for suitcase items:

  • Long Sleeves
    You should only include this if you don’t want to get too much sun. My girlfriend gets freak out if the sun touches her skin so this is a must have item for her.
  • Tank-tops
    If you are ok with the sun, these are your essentials. You don’t want to be sweating in a long sleeve shirt!
  • Tee-shirts
    See above.
  • Scarfs
    Use this item to accessorize your outfits. It is a light weight item to pack but it can add wonders to your outfit. After all, as my girlfriend would say, you wouldn’t to look like crap even though you are not brining your wardrobe with you.
  • Hairbands
    For accessorising and for practical reasons such as tying your hair back when washing your face.
  • Bandannas
    See my point above on scarfs
  • Jeans
    The must have item in any packing list. No explaination needed.
  • Swimsuit
    Necessary if you are going for a swim. If not, you can leave this one out.
  • Leggings
    Yes, very important to keep your legs looking good.
  • Shorts
    Self explainatory.
  • Skirts
    Self explanatory.
  • Dresses
    Self explanatory.
  • Boots
    I have listed 3 types of footwear here. If it was me, I would say just wear sneakers but since my girlfriend insisted that she needs multiple type of footwear for different outfits, I listed the 3 must haves here.
  • Flats
    See above.
  • Sandals
    See above.
  • Socks
    Self explanatory.
  • Underwear
    Self explanatory.
  • Belts
    Men wear these for practical reasons but women wear these as accessories. So, depending on whether you need them, this item might not be crucial.
  • Bras
    You can not bring them if you are type who doesn’t like to wear them.
  • PJ’s
    Optional for people who needs their PJs to sleep. Some prefer to sleep in the nude so this item becomes unnecessary.
  • Light jacket
    In case of cold weather.
  • Nail polish
    Again, something that only a girl will need.
  • Nail polish remover
    See above.
  • Straightener, curler, etc
    If you want to have perfect hair during vacation, this item is a must.
  • Lotion
    This includes all types of different lotions that a girl might need. For my girlfriend, she a total of 10 different types of lotions. It boggles my mind to see why would she need 10 different lotions but she manages to use them all. Got to give it to her.
  • Feminine care
    You know, the stuff that men like me shouldn’t talk about.
  • Makeup, etc
    Self explanatory.
  • Plane tickets and passsport
    Self explanatory. Most important!
  • Camera, camera bag, extra memory card, USB cable and charger
    If you are a photographer, you might need to bring additional stuff such as lens, tripods.
  • Hairbrush
    Self explanatory.
  • Sunglasses
    If you are going to a place with strong light, this is a must.
  • Comb
    Self explainatory.
  • Tissues
    Self explainatory.
  • Sleep aids
    Only those who have problems sleeping. For me, no problem sleeping at all so this is not necessary for me.
  • Bobby pins, hair ties, clippys, etc
    Again, as fashion accessories and for practical reasons
  • Water bottle
    Self explainatory.
  • Hand sanitizer
    If you are a cleaning freak, this is a must as it is for me : ). Seriously, if you are going to places where hyigene is a problem, this is totally necessary to save you stomach aches and other potential illness.
  • Lip balm
    For dry lips especially when you are on the plane.
  • Towel
    Most hotels will have these but if you are staying in motels or YMCA, then this is needed.
  • Sunscreen
    Self explainatory.
  • Shampoo
    Most hotels have lousy shampoos, so this becomes necessary unless you don’t care too much about your hair.
  • Body wash
    Self explanatory.
  • Toothbrush
    Self explanatory.
  • Floss
    Self explanatory.
  • Toothpaste
    Self explanatory.
  • First aid kit
    In case of emergences.
  • Umbrella
    For blocking the sun or any bad weather.
  • Cell phone
    Self explainatory.
  • Cell phone charger
    Self explanatory.
  • Laptop
    For those who cannot stay away from the computer. Seriously though, this is very useful especially if you have free wifi in your hotel. It makes any last minute planning or information look up easy.
  • Laptop charger
    Self explanatory.
  • iPod/MP3 player
    If you have an iphone this is not necessary.
  • Headphones
    Self explanatory.

If you want problems fitting the above into your luggage, why not consider buying slim packing cubes or compressible packing cubes