Packing cubes buying guide – Choose the best packing cubes

For first time buyers of packing cubes, the choice mght be difficult to made due to the large range of models available. In this buying guide, we will take you the process of selecting the right packing cubes that can meet your budget and needs. We will also cover the different materials and the little things that you need to look out for. Finally, we will walk you through the different brands and recommend what we think are the best packing cubes that you can buy.

Step 1: Note that size of your travel luggage

The first thing you need to note is the size of your travel luggage relative to the packing cubes. Certain to different size measurements, some models( for even the best packing cubes) might not fit in nicely into your luggage, resulting in wasted spaces. The best thing is to note the length and width measurements of your luggage before committing to any purchase of your packing cubes.

Step 2: Select the packing cubes model

There are now different models that you can pick from. The normal packing cubes are rectangular in shape and comes in different sizes (see more below). There is also a new range of models called the slim packing cubes, which are more longish and takes up less space. Finally, there is the compressible packing cubes that are able to removed the air within the cubes when compressed and reduces the room size that you need in the travel luggage.

You can read more about the new models by clicking on the links mentioned above.

Step 3: Select the size of packing cubes

The third step is to choose the sizes that you want for your packing cubes. Typically, there will be different sized cubes in one packing set. A large cube typically measures 14x11x5 while the smaller cubes measure 7x11x5. Each packing set might come with different combinations of packing cubes. Some might have 1 large and 2 small packing cubes while other sets might have 3 large cubes.

In general, the large packing cube is good for packing your clothing while the smaller cubes are suited for undergarment, socks etc and/or makeup and cleansing items. Whether you buy packing cubes sets with 3 large cubes or 1 large with 2 small cubes depend on your preference. Personally we recommend the latter as it becomes easier to sort through the smaller items within a small cube than to have them mixed with other items in a large cube.

Step 4: Select the materials

In general, the sides of packing cubes are either made from mesh or a solid fabric that is similar to parachutes. The latter can last longer but be prepared to pay more. However, the mesh material can allow you to see the items more easily. This makes sorting through the items a bit of faster, especially if you have multiple packing cubes in one travel luggage.

Step 5: Prices

Finally, decide on the budget that you are committing for this purchase. Don’t get distracted by other offers or freebies given by online stores.

In terms of affordability, Rick Steves packing cubes offer the best value for money. These are packing cubes under 20 dollars that you can purchased. The rest of the packing cubes brands such as ebags or Eagle Creek have higher prices that are in the range of USD25 to USD40.

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