How to use packing cubes

To kick off our series of helping travelers to get organzied and to travel lighter, we will be teaching you some tips on how best to use your packing cubes. Depending on the size of the packing cubes, they can be used to organize your suitcase and make it easy for you to find the things you want:

For small packing cubes


  • Using them to hold toiletries: this allows you to easily take the whole cube and put in at the hotel’s toilet. It saves you time from trying to find where is your toothbrush, facial wash etc.


  • Using them to hold stationary: the small packing cubes can also be used to hold stationary. In a way, they are used as pencil boxes.


For middle and large packing cubes


  • Clothing: mid sized packing cubes can be used to hold clothing.  You can use two such cubes, one for dirty clothes and one for the clean ones. You can also use different packing cubes for different types of clothes. The benefits of using these cubes for clothing are:


  1. Keep the clothes organized and easy to find
  2. Prevent them from shifting around and reducing wrinkles
  3. They reduce space wastage and they can be tucked easily into the corners of the suitcase
  4. Pack/unpacks easily since all the clothes are sorted. They also make it easier to sort for cleaning either at the hotel or when you have reached home.


Hope this is useful to help you get the best out of your packing cubes!