Do packing cubes really save space

Do packing cubes really save space? That is the question that I want to answer objectively today. While that is not the real benefits of packing cubes, it is stil worthwhile to see if they can help us to save some space when packing.

The short answer is: yes but just a little bit. The reason is due to the compression that will happen when the packing cubes are zipped up. By themselves, they wouldn’t help to compress the space if there was no zipper. At least not as much as compressible packing cubes.

This might be sufficient for folks who are tired of seeing their clothing pack gets bloated up during the travel. it is a common problem that our luggage will not be as tight as we are first packing the stuff, especially the clothes. The slight compression of the packing cubes help to alleivate this problem by keeping the clothes much tighter than otherwise.

However, using the zipper to hold the travel items will not have a dramatically difference in terms of space saving. See the image below for a more illustrated look:

The real benefit of buying packing cubes is the organisation. They help to compartmentalise your travel gear so that it is much easier to find stuff. Of course, you can also use zipper bags but they will not fit as well into your luggage as these packing cubes.