Compressible packing cubes for traveling light

If you want to know what is the best compressible packing cubes, let me introduce something that I am recently discovered and has been using ever since.

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As can seen from the image above, the best thing about a compressible packing cube is its ability to compressed items into smaller spaces by pressing out the air itself. These bags are created by Kiva, which owns some patents on how these compressible cubes work.

When I first bought these cubes, they come in 3 cubes per set. There is a bigger compressible cube that measure 15 inch x 11 inch x 5 inch, and two smaller ones measuring 11.5 inch x 7.75 inch x 5 inch. Do note the actual size of the cubes as they do look much bigger in the spaces. It is better to actually draw out the dimensions so that you know exactly what you are finding.

How many shirts can these compressible cubes hold

The most important about buying these cubes is their storage capacity. I find that packing in 7-8 shirts into one large cube is not an issue. I try to pack in 9 shirts on one of the trips and it was quite a stretch. So, 8 seems to be the comfortable capacity for these packing cubes.

For the smaller ones however, it is not big rnough to pack a shirt but they are good for packing undergarments, socks and even power cords etc.

What I enjoyed most about buying compressible packing cubes

After using in one 2 trips, I really know these compressible cubes, relative to the traditional ones.

  • It is easier now to put my luggage as a hand carry item. The cubes help me to compress my garments such that it is possible to have everything I need in a small luggage.
  • The materials of the cubes are very light weight so they don’t add much to my luggage weight.
  • I can pack in these cubes in my backpack as well so I can use them literally in every traveling bag that I got.

Is the zipper working?

One of the main complaints about kiva compressible cubes is that their zippers are faulty. Fortunately, I didn’t run into this problem. All the three cubes have perfectly working zippers so there is no issue for me.

Any other things that can be improved?

I wish there was an option to choose the kind of sizes that I want for the compressible packing cubes.  In terms of usage, the larger cube is definitely more useful so I wish I can buy more of that instead of having to buy a definite set with 1 big and 2 small cubes. I am sure kiva will come out with this option really soon.

Is this the best compressible packing cube?

As a frequent traveler, I have to give my biggest recommendation on kiva’s compressible packing cubes as the best in the market. It simply does what it promises and there is no fuss in using it.

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