Best packing cubes for backpacks

The benefits of packing cubes is that they help to get your stuff organized. This in turn tend to free up more space as you can better pack your items so that they used the full space of your backpack. While some might argue that nylon or zipper bags can do the job, packing cubes are not variety in sizes and they look much more presentable.

If you are thinking of buying one, I recommend that you buy the medium sized packing cubes from Rick Steves. They are a solid buy with affordable prices. In summary, the rick steves cubes offer lots of flexibility in terms of 3 zippers. In addition, the material is tough and they don’t take up much space. Here is my full review if you want to know more.


How to use packing cubes for backpacks

Once you have purchased your desired packing cubes, this is how you can use them and make it worthwhile.

  • Roll up your tshirts or shirts into tight cubes. This is the best way to save space.
  • Cram them into the cubes. A medium sized packing cube can probably hold up to 15 items.
  • Separate the dark colors from the light or tops from bottom so that it is easier to find things. You can need to get the relevant packing cube out of the bag, without messing up the organisation of the items.
  • Use a smaller packing cube to keep the undergarments and sockings.
  • You might want to keep a spare packing cube for dirty clothes. Again, doing so makes it easier to organise your stuff in the backpacks.